Monday, 30 May 2016

Lovely Lakes- and a mistake!

It's that time of the year when we try to get away in our caravan as often as we can. We are back from a great nine days in the Lake District - lots of lovely sunny weather and a great time with our friends. 

But it's been an unsettled bank holiday in the Uk this weekend so the best place has been in my sewing room and I have been busy machine embroidering cushions. 
This is for a friend's 4 year old great grandchild who has had an operation and is recovering. He is a very active little boy and she thinks it will be difficult to get him to rest and not rushing about so I thought this reading cushion might be appropriate and help him to sit still!

I then decided to make my niece one as she us hopefully coming to visit in a few days - she is just a year old and has just started walking. 

I made her a felt book to go with it. 

 I recently finished the Mountain Majesty quilt and it is ready to be posted off with another 7 quilts from our quilt group to the Siblings Together charity which we support. 

I also made another twister quilt using just one charm pack and some white using the small template and I like this size with the white borders. 

Just needs quilting - along with another 3 or 4! 

I bought a John Flynn quilt frame off someone on Facebook and excitedly bought all the extras needed to get it put together - the drain pipes and metal piping. 

I thought from watching the Utube  videos it would be easier on my shoulders BUT I cannot say it has been a success - I don't like the very narrow area which can be worked on at anyone time and I don't think either of my machines are really suitable and purchasing another machine is not an option at the moment. So I think it will be back to free motion quilting and also using my embroidery machine to guilt. It turned out that a lot of the reviewers online had a similar experience to mine. I'm sure for some people it works but it was not for me. 
It's  back in the box and I'm thinking of putting it on EBay!  So I will continue to dream about a long arm quilt frame if only I had room ( and the money!) for one. 

Another quick make has been this needle saver. I regularly change my machine needles depending upon the task but it's hard remembering which one you are using so this is a great little aid. You Insert the needles in when you have taken them out of the machine and changed them. 

I can see that this will make a nice swop gift as well. 

So lots of catching up before we are off again to a new part of the country for out next trip- and of course I have already found out about a mill shop that sells Liberty Fabric cheaply! 

Thanks for stopping by