Thursday, 13 October 2016

It's ME!

Hi there - long time since I last posted but life has been very busy. I returned from our latest Quilt Retreat feeling very disatisfied with what I had NOT achieved - I find it so difficult to settle on one project but take too many with me and then spend a lot of time talking and helping others. But I still enjoyed it! 
I took my new smaller embroidery machine which I bought to take away with me and made some ginger bread people which were for another group member's Xmas charity craft sale. So I have made some more since I got back as I think they will be popular. 

I managed to put together one of two charity quilts I making at the moment with paper-pierced Dresden fans but I still need to add a zigzag border. 

The other one is a scrappy strip quilt which I am really pleased with although it seems that the more strips quilts I make the more strips I seem to accumulate! 

I have talked before about spending more time on Facebook these days and it's is a wonderful place for ideas and patterns but I also joined a pen pal group and now have a new friend in Australia - Trish who is a very skilled crafter and makes some wonderful things. The aim of swapping overseas is that you get to meet someone and learn about their country and I am trying to send Trish items which I put together from places I visit when we are away in our caravan. I have sent her two so far - one with Lake District inspired items such as Kendal Mint Cake and another one from Yorkshire. I have also agreed to send her some Liberty fabric each month as she would like to try using it in a quilt. She has sent me some lovely gifts including some Aussie fabric, a copy of my favourite quilting magazine and treats such as Veggimite !! 

One of the other trending makes on Facebook is the 3 d Xmas table centre.  By following various posts and Utube videos I have written up a pattern our next quilt group next week so I have made one to try out the pattern. 

They are really easy to make once you get the sewing lines in the right place and I intend making one in black and white Xmas fabric for my friend as a Xmas surprise. 

Other things I have been doing are some hand quilting projects I picked up at the Harrogate Quilt show from Sandi Lush. This is the first proper hand quilting I have done and I'm tempted to do more - even a whole block by block quilt. 

At the moment these are destined to become cushions. 

Finally these were some small bags and an IPad case I made for another friend  for her granddaughters for Xmas. 

So once again I have been pleased to see what I have managed to get done and I now have the challenge of trying to get Xmas projects completed for both my pen pal Trish and also my Santa sack swap partner Sue in Canada. So I think the machine will be humming!!!!