Friday, 15 July 2016

What you can find in a Pound shop!!

Why is a coat rack useful for machine embroidery???????
When embroidering a pattern with many colour changes I often mused as to why I could not find a stand for thread other than the very expensive ones made to fit my machine. Although these were custom made I found that reaching up to constantly re thread between colour changes played havoc with my shoulders. 
So I decided that what was needed was a row of dowel pegs sunk into a short piece of wood to organise the threads and keep them tidy. So what did I find while wandering the aisle in a new Pound Shop in town? 

A pine coat rack. 

 I added a couple of spare bits of dowel to the holes and glued them in place and Viola!! 

 It holds a variety of 10 threads from different manufacturers and sits down the side or in front of my machine while working. It has transformed my life - as they say!!!! 

I have been re- organising the storage in my sewing room before I disappeared under a mountain of fabric and UFO's so we bought a new tall oak bookcase and my DH has fitted shelves in the wardrobe and a top box so I know have a lovely oraganised cupboard instead of a wardrobe stuffed with plastic crates. 

But the down side has been I have not been able to get in to do any sewing for over two weeks! 
But today it was all finished so I have starting a bunting for my little niece who has just moved into a new house after my brother got a new job in Edinburgh. 
You can see the first three letters in the top photo -- it is from Sweetpea designs and will also have a lovely owl at either end. So need to get on and get it finished. 

We recently spent a few days at Scarborough and had fairly pleasant weather but also went to a Quilt Show at Whitby while we were away.  It's always nice to see what other people are doing and there were a couple of traders, who all seemed to have a range of Xmas items so I was tempted and bought a couple of things to start making for Xmas. 

One of the items is a clock kit which I have been looking for and I intend to embroider the circle for the front rather than make a patchwork front, I'm  just not sure what design to use yet. 

We went out to a couple of evening events and the view across the bay when we came out of the theatre was breathtaking. It had been raining but had stopped and the reflections were so beautiful.

Well back to the machine to get the bunting finished. 
One thing I did get finished was the Peter Rabbit reading cushion I have made for a friend for her grandson.

But tonight my "boy" is coming for a quick visit now he is back from his 6 month trip to South and Central America. I have made him and his wife some cushions from fabric they bought me at Xmas with places significant to them - London where they live, Paris where he proposed to her and New York where they spent part of their honeymoon last August. But I have  a surprise for them as I found some fabric with a world map and I have embroidered the route of
their trip as a memento so I hope they like it.
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  1. Wow, you have been busy! Simon must have been really pleased with his surprise cushions what a welcome home present! The bunting looks great it will look lovely in Tilly's new bedroom.. Beautiful pictures of Scarborough too.