Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year - well nearly!!

Hi everyone 
It will be the new year in a few hours time and I wanted to get my final finish of the year posted after delivering it to my daughter and son- in- law today. It was meant to be a surprise present from me for Xmas day but I did not get the borders finished so I am pleased I managed to get it done today. 

So now I can start the 2016 projects! I can get carried away at this time and sign up for quilt alongs and swaps and this year is no exception !  I have already signed up for Lori Holts "Bloom " quilt sew along which is a monthly block and have already bought the templates as this an applique quilt which I have wanted to do for a while. 

The other sign up is to the 365 Quilt Long - a block a day for a whole year!   

I was attracted to it as the example is done in Civil War blue/ Browns which I love but already the first two blocks are causing me problems. The finished block size ranges from 3 to 6 inches and the first two are 3 inches per block. One of mine has finished a bit over so I will have to have another go at it. 

So I'll see how I go with it. My reason for signing up is to keep me busy!  My son and his wife left for a six month trip to South America, Central America, USA and Canada on Tuesday. It will be a wonderful experience for them as they travel up through Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Equador, Panama into California and then up to Canada but worrying for me at this end!!! 
So a happy new year to everyone !!!

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas 2016

I joined in Cheryll's Santa Sack as I have done for the last few years and opted to wait until  Christmas to open mine - this was the package I recieved from Rachel.
And inside were these lovely gifts - including some great fingerless gloves and a teddy. Once again it's great to make new friends and receive such lovely handmade items. 

These are the gifts I sent to Rachel

I finished the Xmas Tree for my daughters nursery and also made another batch of Xmas stockings for the children. 

We had our Christmas dinner on the 22 nd December as Simon was travelling to spend Christmas with his new wife Hayley and her family in Chester for the first time so we got to open our presents early. My mum also stayed with us for a few days but we are now on our own again and I'm hoping to get back to some sewing. 

I didn't get Catherine and Richards quilt finished in time for Xmas so I plan to give it to them on New Years Eve as a surprise present. So back to the sewing machine and let's hope I get it done in time. 

Happy New Year