Monday, 26 October 2015

Secret sewing!

As usual I joined in Cheryll's Secret Santa Sack plus I joined a new swop for me as part of the Thimbleberries internet group.  This has meant a lot of sewing over the past few weeks whenever I could grab an hour  - but a lot of which I cannot show in case my swop partners peak!  

This is the practise table centre I quickly made from a pattern I bought at the Harrogate show in September but I have made a better one but can't show it ! 

 But I have also been busy this weekend while my husband was away at a Chess Congress and I had a whole weekend to myself. The result is I managed to put together new quilt top which is for a birthday in the new year. 

This is some LakeHouse fabric I have been saving for a while and thought it would suit this pattern. 

I plan to add a scalloped border again as I liked the one I did on my twister quilt. 

I also managed to make a couple of cushions for the spare bedroom to match the bed runner i started on our quilt weekend but which I still need to quilt. 

Improvising rulers!!! 
There is a lot of interest in blog land about quilting on domestic machines with rulers and I bought the new foot produced by Parr's last year at the Harrogate Show but I have not found it very easy to use.. 

I  also have watched a couple of Craftsy classes but getting the rulers here in the Uk is difficult and expensive. 
However, while watching some of the YouTube videos on the web I decided to improvise and used a piece of packing foam about 18 inches long and 4 inches wide with my normal quilting foot.  

This was deep enough to wedge against the screws of the quilting foot and I was then able to guide my sewing along the edge. It worked brilliantly!!, and as it is so soft and not hard like the Parr rulers I did not feel too worried about it damaging my machine. In fact I did not have any problems and it did meant I could sew straight lines without changing to my normal foot so I can see that it will be really useful when quilting a large quilt where you do not want to have to continually turn the whole quilt round. 
I have a curved template from one of the Craftsy classes so I intend to cut that shape from some more foam and try that one on the next large quilt as well. So watch this space!!! 

It's been a good week all round as my Mum has been steadily improving from her recent operation so that has meant I have had a bit more time for some sewing! 

Bye for now 


  1. Love the new quilt and how ingenious about using the foam for a template/ruler - that I will have to try (refuse to pay the price for rulers that don't help).

  2. Lovely new quilt top and weren't you clever to come up with using the foam , it looks like a perfect solution . Your cushions are great. Glad to hear your mom is improving .

  3. Lovely projects Pauline. Another good thing to use instead of buying rulers is to use cork floor tiles ( a tip given to me by a longarm quilter.

    1. Thanks for that tip - another one to try