Monday, 26 October 2015

Secret sewing!

As usual I joined in Cheryll's Secret Santa Sack plus I joined a new swop for me as part of the Thimbleberries internet group.  This has meant a lot of sewing over the past few weeks whenever I could grab an hour  - but a lot of which I cannot show in case my swop partners peak!  

This is the practise table centre I quickly made from a pattern I bought at the Harrogate show in September but I have made a better one but can't show it ! 

 But I have also been busy this weekend while my husband was away at a Chess Congress and I had a whole weekend to myself. The result is I managed to put together new quilt top which is for a birthday in the new year. 

This is some LakeHouse fabric I have been saving for a while and thought it would suit this pattern. 

I plan to add a scalloped border again as I liked the one I did on my twister quilt. 

I also managed to make a couple of cushions for the spare bedroom to match the bed runner i started on our quilt weekend but which I still need to quilt. 

Improvising rulers!!! 
There is a lot of interest in blog land about quilting on domestic machines with rulers and I bought the new foot produced by Parr's last year at the Harrogate Show but I have not found it very easy to use.. 

I  also have watched a couple of Craftsy classes but getting the rulers here in the Uk is difficult and expensive. 
However, while watching some of the YouTube videos on the web I decided to improvise and used a piece of packing foam about 18 inches long and 4 inches wide with my normal quilting foot.  

This was deep enough to wedge against the screws of the quilting foot and I was then able to guide my sewing along the edge. It worked brilliantly!!, and as it is so soft and not hard like the Parr rulers I did not feel too worried about it damaging my machine. In fact I did not have any problems and it did meant I could sew straight lines without changing to my normal foot so I can see that it will be really useful when quilting a large quilt where you do not want to have to continually turn the whole quilt round. 
I have a curved template from one of the Craftsy classes so I intend to cut that shape from some more foam and try that one on the next large quilt as well. So watch this space!!! 

It's been a good week all round as my Mum has been steadily improving from her recent operation so that has meant I have had a bit more time for some sewing! 

Bye for now 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The big ONE!

It's been a while since I found time to post as I have been helping to care for my Mum after her operation but I managed to finish my sister-in- laws' quilt and get it posted off to her just a little late for her birthday. 
I enjoyed making the twister quilt and plan to make another one soon in rich reds and greens. 
I also finished off two baby quilts for presents for my daughter's friends using two easy finish patterns.

So why the title of this post ??? 

Well it is my 60th birthday tomorrow !! Can't believe I am all grown up but it's a shock to the system! 

But my family planned this great weekend for me -  we all met up for the weekend in London and they organised for me and my husband to have afternoon tea at Fortumn and Mason and then go to a show in the west end. 

Then we spent Saturday at Richmond park and spotted lots of deer - some who got a bit too close for comfort!! 
Then finally a lovely meal at a pub on the canal. 
It was such a lovely time to spend with both of my kids plus their partners and then it was home yesterday by train. 

Then at my new quilt group today I had a birthday cake thanks to my good friend Audrey so that was a lovely thought.  We started up this new group and this wasonly our second meeting but it  looks as if it will be another great group of people to sit and sew with. 

I received a card today from my son which he had had made which is a collage of photos and shows the whole family at various ages on family holidays and his recent wedding to Hayley and is a great momento! 
So maybe being reminded how old you are is not so bad when you realise all these people love and care for you. 
So here's to the future !!