Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wedding Bells!!

We had a great  weekend at Simon and Hayley's wedding. The sun came out as she reached the church and continued into the afternoon while we enjoyed the wedding reception at the lovely setting of Soughton Hall near Chester. 

The party continued  into the evening but my husband and I retired to our beds at about 11.30pm absolutely tired out but happy to see such a happy couple enjoying the party with their friends. 

The have now left on their  honeymoon to Mexico and New York so we have only the photos to remind us what a perfect day it was for both families. 
Bye for now

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In a bit of a whirl!!

It has been a difficult time since my last post over a month ago as my Mum was diagnosed with a Malignant melanoma on her leg while we were away on holiday in Edinburgh. She is waiting for surgery and thought it would be this week  so she would not be able to go to our son's wedding this weekend. However as it is not until next week and she has been looking forward to it so much she is now going with us as planned. So it will be a sweet moment for her to see her eldest grandson marry his lovely bride Hayley

They met at the University of Sheffield when they first started there 9 years ago and have been  together ever since.

One of my tasks has been to make 6 sweet tree decorations so I have been in the garage mixing up plaster of Paris and glueing tissue paper over balls. Just need to add the chocolates  on Friday night!

I have been dipping in and out of a few projects to keep my mind off my Mum's difficulties and have a number of quilts nearly ready for quilting. I managed to finish my first twister quilt and then made another small table mat.

Then I started another throw size so you could say I am twisting the day away!! I am going to aworkshop next week to make  twister quilt so looking forward to a day out with friends.

I have managed to put together my Dresden fan which I started over 12 months ago which is a long time to have a UFO even for me - so the plan is to get it layered up and quilt it while I am away on the Quilt Retreat in late September.

My other current project is my rainbow hexi which I am plugging away with in spare moments.

A quick project I found on Pinterest this week was an idea for a non slip mat for the sewing machine foot pedal. As I often chase mine to the back of my table I thought is was a great idea and as I had some of the non slip material in my cupboard I quickly made two - one for my big "Brother" and one for "little Brother" which I take to workshops and classes. 
They are a really great idea. 

So off to finish packing and hoping for a sunny weekend !