Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A new direction? ??

I have been busy delivering and posting off our charity quilts to Siblings Together and also to a local women's refuge. We had built up a stockpile which was taking up a lot of space in my spare bedroom so it was time to get them off to their new homes before we get visitors next month.

They were all made by members of our quilt group - Mowbray quilters

A new development?

I decided last week to try something new and signed up for an on-line Crazy Quilting course
delivered by Kathy Shaw at www.shawkl.com.

First I had to assemble all my supplies and complete the base block to work on. 

 I have now finished the first stage of the embroidery.

The next stage is to start on the ribbon embroidery and the beading.

     This has proved to be an excellent course and has kept me busy downloading very detailed information and patterns. I even learnt how to do French Knots which is one stitch I have struggled with in the past.

  Kathy is obviously a very talented lady and an excellent teacher.  I have done a bit of crazy quilting in the past but this introduction starts with the basics and helps develop your understanding of how to plan your crazy quilt block and provides a really good basis for further developing your embroidery skills. She also provides further on-line courses once you have complete the basic introduction, which help with the use of colour, lace and more complex piercing. It is delivered  via Blogger and you post photos of your progress and can see everyone else's as well.

Wedding preparations

Another project I managed to get done was this car hanger for the wedding car in August. I think it is really sweet and will look great in the back of the car. ( Just hope the Bride and Groom are not looking!!!)

Coffee morning makes

I have also been making a variety of items for the coffee morning in June - particular bags.

I received my second pin cushion for May in Bea's exchange from Lalia in Norway and I have sent off mine to Debra in the USA. 
this is a lovely big pin cushion !

We are off this week to Northumberland to a camping site near Lindesfarne which is a beautiful part of the coast so I  will be taking the hand embroidery this time.  
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