Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Sewing

After a major disaster mid week when I tried to update my IPad to OS 8 and lost everything I have managed to retrieve photos and patterns from the "Cloud". - I don't quite understand how it can store everything but I was just grateful it was all there!  It took me over 3 hours to re install the operating system and re set all my apps - but it worried me how dependent I am on it !! 

Today I decided to focus on finishing off the SiblingsTogether quilt

I have finished the  group Charity quilt started at the retreat at Cober Hill - I used some lovely blue 
fleece from AundreyP instead of batting. It feels snuggly and warm and is ready to post off with the other two quilts as part our final consignment to SiblingsTogether for this year. 

Digitising and machine embroidery.

When I made the decision recently not to upgrade to the new Brother machine due out soon, I decided it would make more sense to learn to make better use of my current machine  -the  Innovis 1e 
-and also to try to develop my ability to use PE Design Next.  So I signed up for a Craftsy course on digitising and have been following the videos and trying out the projects.  I have been asked to make a bed runner for a friend of my Mum and this has given me the opportunity to adapt and change some of the embroidery designs I already have. 

I have some Designs by Elsa and Kenny Kreations designs but I have enlarged and combined parts of some of the designs to come up with a new design for the runner. I also find Vicki who blogs at Vicki's Fabric Creations has some really good ideas for how to incorporate embroidered blocks into quilts and I have used her idea for a bed runner as a basis for my design. So I have finished the three main blocks and now need to assemble them.


I have also made a memo board for my son with some lovely fabric I bought while on holiday - it's a copy of a map of London which just covers the part of London where he lives.  We are off to London soon for some shopping and a trip to the the theatre so I will be taking it down to him. 

I have been out photographing autumn leaves this weekend before they all blow away!   I want to try some free machine embroidery on printed photos so it's good to get some photos before the winter really sets in.  

 I have finished everything for my Santa Sack so will be able to get that posted off in good time to my partner and look forward to receiving mine. 

So a bit more variety than just quilting ! 

Thanks for stopping by 


  1. I love flannel backing on a child's quilt - cozy, snuggly, and they don't slip away. Very pretty embroideries - will make a wonderful runner. Our trees are just about bare now, ready for their winter's sleep.

  2. Lovely variety of work! The bed runner is stunning.