Sunday, 24 August 2014

What makes a modern quilter?

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After my trip to the Festival of Quilts and reading some quilt magazines I have got recently I am wondering whether I am a modern quilter or not??  Does it matter?!!!

I love traditional quilt patterns but also make brighter quilts using modern fabric and lots of white.  I have been making lots of small items recently for a couple of swaps I have signed up for and these have all been bright and colourful using some of the techniques I see in modern quilts.

I have not been happy with the table mats in our caravan so I have made a new set in  some gorgeous fabric I bought on a day out in Cambridge while we were on holiday in Norfolk.

These look "modern " to me and were made using strip piercing and what I understand as muted low volume fabrics.  The larger runner was made using the "quilt as you go "method which seems to be all over the web at the moment for making larger pierced shapes which are then used to make things such as bags, mats etc and is not the  "quilt as you go " method for assembling quilts which I am more familiar with!!! So confused or not?

I have started a mini modern quilt for the challenge at the next regional quilters guild day which I am going to enter and this is certainly not like my usual small quilts. The theme of the day is modern quilting so maybe I will find out what makes a modern quilt!

I am intending to quilt in in straight lines and bind in a slightly darker grey.

This is one of the bags I have made recently - but I hope my swap partners are not looking! 

I bought lots of fabric whilst on holiday at a retirement sale at QuiltEssential near Carlisle - a lovely shop I only just discovered but which is closing down shortly so I will have to search out others next time we are I the area. 
Only a couple of weeks now to our next Quilt Retreat so need to get some projects planned for the weekend .

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  1. Modern or Traditional??? I just think the new generation has taken a new twist on the old. Many of their 'modern' design really has all been done before - the fabrics and colors are just different from by-gone days. And just crack up over this 'low-volumn' that us old horses now as lights.

  2. Love your place mats and blue/green bag.
    Modern or traditional? I've given it some thought. I think modern quilts use bright colors and white fabrics in quilts when compared to creams, tans and muted colors used in older and traditional quilt themes. I enjoy both, but prefer to make scrappy quilts with bright fabrics.

  3. Hello, Its a sister thing swap partner! My parcel arrived this morning. Thank you very much for the parcel. I love it. Jen 😊