Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Organisation and planning!!

I have spent the last couple of days making my self some design boards after coming across Lori Holt's tutorial.  They are made from light weight foam board and scraps of batting. They are a really good idea as when stacked they can be  transported to workshops or quilt groups

 I decided to edge mine in plain cream so that the binding does not detract from the block being planned, although Lori's are more colourful than mine.     I also made a cover to go on the top from a block I had made to practice free motion quilting.  I think these will be really good for trying out different  block  patterns particularly those such as Granny Squares and then have them next to the machine so that they are stitched together in the right order. I made them 12  1/2 inches as she advises in the tutorial and they are a good size for the most common blocks I use.  I only had enough of a board for 3 but will try them out and make a few more if needed.

Then my new  "friend " arrived !!!   I've named her Florry and she is a dress form to help with my new attempts at dress making. She is lovely -very stable and she's got nice legs!!   She will live in the spare bedroom when I am not using her. 
I have a couple of lengths of material waiting to be cut out so she will hopefully be spending time with me over the next few days. 

My triangle quilt is finished ! 

It is a small baby quilt which I made using my Sizzix die cutting machine. It is a sample to take to the Retreat as I am doing a demonstration for the rest of the group on using the system to make cutting block pieces easier. 

One of the other projects I have suggested at the retreat is for the group to make quilts for the Siblings Together project.  There is a button on my side bar about this project but briefly it is a UK project which runs summer camps for siblings who are being fostered but who are separated.  They attend the camp and spend time together and the project organisers have started to give them a quilt each to take away with them.  It has been running for a few years but the numbers of kids it is helping continues to grow. We will try and make a group quilt during the retreat and I will also be sending them my Whacky Houses and Seaside Quilt . 

We are going away to Northumberland next week on our first trip in the caravan this year so hope the weather warms up !!!

 Bye for now



  1. Love your new friend - wonder what happened to my Mom's. Nice sample piece. Hope the weather cooperates so you have a lovely trip.

  2. Your Sizzix quilt is stunning, congratulations! Your new kitchen is pretty smart too!

  3. LOVE your triangle baby quilt! I bought a triangle template last year. Yesterday I signed up to join a triangle quilt along. It's being hosted by The Sassy Quilter.
    Hope it warms up for you and your hubby next month : )

  4. Great idea for design boards... and your friend doesn't say too much...lol
    Enjoy your workshop and then your holiday! :)

  5. I like the idea of the design boards. Will have to check,that out further . Oh Florey will be so valuable to you in your quest to make clothing . Love the triangle quilt , so colourful and happy .

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