Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chaos in the Kitchen !!

We are in the middle of the fitting of a new kitchen - which I have lusted after for a long time so I am trying to be laid back and keep calm while the whole house has been disrupted.  !!!
This has affected the amount of sewing but the end result will be worth it - I hope!!!!

Half way through the work !  

I have concentrated on machine embroidery when I have escaped to my sewing room and have finished the whimsical cottages ready to pierce on Saturday at my quilt group meeting. I am planning on using a Playtime charm square from Moda. 

I have also thrown together a jelly roll race quilt using up some left over strips and decided to make some appliqué sea creatures as it reminded me of the sea and beach. 

Then something new for me!! - dressmaking 
I have not made anything since my daughter was a little girl and I made her some lovely summer dresses but she is going to a wedding in June and we had ago at finding a dress pattern and material to try making a dress. 

She is pleased with it so far and I am also going to try and make a fascinator to match using free standing lace patterns on my embroidery machine. So this may herald the start of a new direction as she is keen for me to make some more summer dresses. 

So it's hopefully not long now before my new kitchen is finished and we can get back to normal. 


  1. Love the whimsical houses - that will be a cute quilt. Pretty dress - good luck with the kitchen finish.

  2. Your kitchen looks lovely , beautiful cabinets ! Cute house blocks and love the jelly role race quilt . Your daughters dress is lovely and I am not surprised she is asking for more dresses :-)

  3. Oh my! Love those little whimsical houses! Beautiful summer dress. Those jelly roll race quilts are fun to sew. Kitchen redo looking goooooood : )

  4. Hi Pauline, I am happy to met you and I love your little whimsy houses. I enjoy combining machine embroidery and quilting and I am delighted to have found a like-minded blogging sister. I am your newest follower and would be pleased as punch if you were to follow me back.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

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