Friday, 31 January 2014

Growing my Blog!!!

It was great to be included in the GRow Your Blog Party hosted by  Vicki at 2 Bags Full which continues for another two weeks. I have had  loads of lovely  comments and some people have signed up to follow but I have also been able to find lots of new blogs to follow as well.

BUT the last thing I need is to spend more  time on the internet looking at more ideas instead of sewing !

So One thing I wanted to finish off this week is my stitch compendium - where I have been making a
stitch-out of all the stitches on my machine.   I am lucky to have a Brother Nv1 and it is a great a machine but I suspect I have only scratched the surface of what it can do.

I have found so many lovely stitches I can't wait to use them on some projects - particularly crazy patches or bags. They look very different when stitched. 

I have also finally got a new design wall !!
It is a large piece of insulation wall board which I have covered and it fits nicely behind the door but can also be laid flat for pinning out quilts. 

I have also re-arranged my small quilts and wall hangings and have made a couple of miniature quilts this week while sitting in front of the fire in the living room keeping warm, as it has been so cold  here this week. 

an Iris Folding  small quilt 

I haven't posted a picture of my new bed runner yet 
- it is braid quilt I designed to fit on the bottom of our bed -QUICK TO DO !

Then to finish off the week I won a give away ! 
It is  a  new DVD by Diane Doran - Digital Surface Design and I am looking forward to it arriving. 

It has some great ideas for the use of Photoshop Elements for art quilts 

Don't forget to visit the Blog Hop as there is still time to enter many of the give aways ( including mine!) 

Thanks for stopping by 



  1. A little 'stitch bible' is a good thing to have along with your machine - too many people don't take advantage of the full potential of their machine. Your new space looks lovely.

  2. Nice post. I love the idea of a bed runner!

  3. That is something I have meant to do , make a stitch bible , great idea ! Love your bed runner ,,that is gorgeous ! Enjoy your weekend and stay warm .

  4. Hey Pauline, Your pieces are lovely. I really like all the framed work, it must be so nice to see your accomplishments on a daily basis. It has been nice getting to know you.


  5. I need to do a stitch bible with my machine. Hadn't thought of that.
    Lovely sewing area. Beautiful bed runner. Congratulations on the win!