Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Super Sampler!

Just a quick update from yesterday - I have put the sampler quilt together and it just needs the borders quilted  and then binding - it's turned out really big!

Now for the quilting on the scrappy blocks quilt!


Monday, 16 September 2013

Not going away!!!

We cancelled our trip to the Lake District because of the weather - high winds are not good for caravaners- so had some unexpected time to sew!!

Started this scrappy quilt using my new sizzix dies and I am really pleased with it so far - the dies cut the fabric so well that the triangles line up and cause few problems.  I intend to hand quilt this one when we go away next week instead.

I also have started machine quilting the Pink Applecore - I backed it with some large squares and then decided to quilt with just straight line in one direction- have done just under half so far as its a bit mind numbingly boring!!!! - but I like the look of of it so will keep going in short bursts.

The Irish Rose chain is coming along - just a few more blocks and then I will get it put together.

Also enjoying the Butterflies which I am appliquing by hand in the evening -not sure how I will arrange them but I like the way they are turning out.

I read a post about using the IPad to orgainse your quilting life and find that I have  already started by keeping a list of WIPs and also a supplies list of things I run out of and need to replace.  The worrying thing is finding that I have 9 things on my WIP list and another list of 9 things I am desperate to start !!  So I need to use this week to finish off a few things before my trip to London where I want to look for some jelly rolls to try some of the patterns from my Craftsy classes. I also find the iPad great for using Pinterest to organise pictures I find on the Internet for future ideas and of course where would I be with out Blogs to inspire and encourage me!!

My big sampler is coming together aswell so hopefully will get that finished this week. So the high winds have meant lots of sewing.
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Northumberland - Sunshine and History!

We are back from Northumberland and I have some great photos of some of the iconic views of the area.
First are some shots  on Holy Island or Lindisfarne and inside the old church which was hosting a flower festival celebrating the history of the Island.

This is the Castle on the island 

A lovely view from the abbey ruins 

The weather was brilliant and we did lots of walking   -- and eating with the friends we were with!

The beaches are so quiet and beautiful - we are definitely going back again next year for a longer holiday.

Once back I have tried to get back into finishing off some WIPs - the red and white one just needs quilting and the little tumbler table cloth is finished.  It's still very hot here in the UK - to  our surprise so it's not the weather for quilting but I want to finish off the sampler quilt this week before I start the new Irish Rose -  I spent yesterday cutting all the pieces for it

I found this lovely 30s style butterfly quilt on Pinterest - and I have  started my version by hand with my 30s fabrics and have managed 4 so far 

So looking forward for a day quilting with my quilt group buddies on  Saturday