Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas is coming!

This is the lovely card I received from Susan as part of Sheila's postcard swop - so it really feels that Christmas is coming fast!

We went to lovely Artists market yesterday in Richmond and saw some lovely work by local crafts people. In particular I was so pleased to meet Fiona who blogs at And who I have been following for a while.  She is a very talented lady who makes some wonderful felt items including pictures of animals and bags with little elves on them.  
This is her Mr Fox picture which is just stunning to see. Do have a look at her blog and etsy shop.

I was prompted to try and get started on some Xmas gifts and came across an IPad cushion  by teresadownunder on her blog at So I have spent the day trying out a prototype and tweaking it to get the dimensions right  and have finished one for the I pad and one for my Kindle.

This is the one for the Kindle 

This is the slightly bigger one for the I Pad. 

I intend making them for family and friends as we all seem to be using these types of kit and as an occupational therapist I am quite concerned that we will all end  up with neck and back problems from being hunched over them for hours on end so these will help with our posture. I am using the IPad version to type up this and it does make it a more user friendly angle to type  at.

So only about another 8 to make - but I will enjoy choosing fabric for each of them to match each recipient!

I did go the big Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate with a friend this week but was disappointed  some of the main patchwork suppliers seems to have given it a miss - there were more stands dedicated to wool -but bought some of Lynnette Anderson's lovely new fabric but can't decide what to make with it yet!
 So will have to use the Internet to order a few items I was looking forward to buying.   Just as well I now have my I pad cushion while I do my Xmas shopping on line aswell!!!!
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  1. These are so cool! Great idea for Christmas gifts.

  2. The resters are fantastic... great idea and even better in use. Well done Pauline! :)

  3. Lovely postcard from Sue and your little rest for the iPad and kindle are perfect , I really should make one too.

  4. Hi Pauline. Lovely to meet you at the weekend. Looks like you've been very busy! I love the two little boys quilts, very nice indeed. Keep up the good work. Fi x