Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Happy Camper !

We have our new caravan!  It is really swish and very modern looking so looking forward  to getting away in it soon - as the weather finally seems to be  improving.

 I had posted off my Colour Surprise Swap to Jane who wanted GREEN  and she has let me know that she has recieved it and is happy with the items I included so I am relieved.  I always worry that the things  I make are not as good as they could be or my surprises are not very exciting.

I  forgot to take a photo so I hope Jane doesn't mind me posting a copy from her blog.  

This was another one of Cheryll at Gonestitchin 's great swops
She is already organsiing the Santa Sack Swop  for this coming Xmas which I love joining in with.  

I have made a couple of table runners for my new van using some great free designs from Embroidery Library this weekend and some linen I had saved.

I  also joined a really good weekly mystery embroidery project from the San Francisco Stitch Company - it looks as if it will include some nice embroidery patterns. I missed week one which is a pair of old fashioned spectacles but I can buy it cheaply to catch up. Week 2 is a gorgeous vintage looking tea cup design so I quess the wall hanging just might have a vintage theme to it.!?


I also made a couple of mug rugs from some hexagons I had made after being inpired by the recent blog hop and then  cut out a load of apple core pieces with my new sizzix die - it is so quick and easy.  I used my Indigo Crossing layer cake but added in a few extra vintage reds to add sparkle. This will be a good hand project to take away with me in the caravan.

My other new start is  a clam shell pattern which I have  wanted to do for a while.  It came about as I decided  not to do the Texas Teardrop Quilt as it takes such a lot of fabric. Instead I decided to use  my Rowan/Fassett fabrics for an attempt at a clam shell !!!
I found a pattern on the web for this one which uses a plain white row inbetween and it looked as if it would go well with these fabrics.

BUT after four rows I think this may be one of those which gets picked up and put down regularly as it does not grow very quickly- although it does show the fabrics off !!.

I like to have some handsewing on the go during the summer so that I don't have to spend time in my sewing room at the  but can take it with me and sit in the conservatory or garden.

So not long now to my first quilt exhibition in May  and lots of hand sewing to keep me busy !!

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  1. Oh gosh - so many pretty things to see! The clamshell really attracts me - maybe next year - HA!! Enjoy your new caravan and lovely,safe journeys.

  2. I was delighted, you didn't have to worry. I love your clamshell quilt, lovely to have something like that to do by hand

  3. How exciting to have a new caravan, I am sure you will have a wonderful time exploring the countryside .Your gifts for Jane are lovely and your clamshell project should be lots of fun to pick up now and then . That teacup is gorgeous !!!

  4. You are one very busy lady. I like all your projects and it is good to have lots of variety with our projects. Hope we get lots of nice sunny days so we can sit outside and sew.

  5. Wow. You have been busy. Enjoyed your pictures. So many lovelies. I very excited about your new Caravan. It's going to be a great summer :D