Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cosy Crocheting!

Still lots of snow on the fields but we should be seeing some better weather over the next few days. Keeping warm by crocheting and using up my fabric stash. I do have some Moda fabrics on order from Gill who has a website at Forgetmenotfabrics.co.uk.  - I thought I deserved something a bit special as I have made such an inroad into my stash over the last few days!!!

I have definately been bitten by the crocheting bug though and have finished another buggy blanket for a friend for an  expected grandchild and also a lovely flower wall hanging from  Lucy's blog at Attic24.

My scrappy trip around the world is bound and finished and I am really pleased at how it has turned out.  A couple of people have commented on their blogs that when you first start making scrappy quilts they can appear ugly but you have to keep going and see  where they take you.  And I think they are right- I am particularly pleased now that it has been quilted all over with a swirly, loopy design. I think this will make a good play quilt for a friend for her visiting grandchildren.  I am tempted to start another one and make it bigger this time with  a more co-ordinated range of colours  - so less SCRAPPY!!! ha ha .....

I used  a pale green binding and it looks fresh with the backing  I just happened to have . 


But I have now started a String quilt to continue the theme of scrappy quilts.

Also made a lovely quilted bag I found on Marcia's blog at Crafty Sewing and Quilting which is just right for keeping my crocheting tidy.

 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



  1. Oh My! I keep seeing these scrappy round the world blocks and quilts all over blog land. I love them. Love yours.
    Love your crochet pieces, too. Quilted bag, too. I started knitting classes last week I want to take some crochet classes next.
    How large are your string blocks? Are you sewing your strips on paper?
    You have been busy, girl friend.

  2. Delightful crochet - I love the flower, how cute! My you were fast with the Trip quilt and perfect quilting pattern - swirls soften the blunt squares.

  3. You have been busy , lovely crochet , especially the flower ,Your trip around the world is great and a nice finish . I love string quilts and it has been on my to do list for ages , maybe later this year ;-) Stay cosy !

  4. Just the amount of effort would keep you warm Pauline... you are on a roll girl! Love all the projects and the crochet wall flower is particularly CuTe ! :)