Monday, 3 December 2012

Bits and Pieces!!

I have been struggling with a nasty bout of flu and subsequent cough which I then passed  to Hubby and he   is still struggling to shake it off.   I have been unable to do more than flit between small projects depending on my energy levels and have discovered the worlds of antiques and home improvement shows on day time TV!!! - can't wait to summon up the energy to retreat to my sewing room and Radio2.  
I have managed to find aplace to hang my two new mini quilts from the recent mini quilt swaps  in my sewing room and think this is an ideal way to show them off.  Thanks to Sharon and Sue for these - they are both so lovely I intend leaving them up for quite a while.

I have started a new small quilt in red,white and blue, with no real pattern but just wanted to use up some of my stash in colours I don't often go for. It will be a medallion style with various blocks in each round and plenty of free space to practice machine quilting.   

There is also a new  apple core mat which I am doing by hand plus this  has also been an ideal time to start a crochet blanket in bright cotton to pick up when I feel in the mood.

I have also made a few embroidered Xmas cards but not nearly as many as I usually do by this time of the year so I need to get on and get some done this weekend. I still like to send REAL cards to friends and family - I don't think emails or e-cards are quite the same.

Christmas Shopping has not yet really started for us although the postman can be expected over the next week with some on-line orders I have made to try and make an effort!! 

My final parcel arrived from Melanie in the Santa Sack swop and my sack is now well and truly stuffed!!!!   I can't wait to open all these wonderful surprises she has sent. 

I have also received a lot of my Xmas postcards and they make a nice display on my pin board.

There are lots of great give-always at the moment in blog land and the one organised by Sew Mama Sew has been the one I have entered the most- there are some terrific prizes. So I hope I might be lucky this time around!

So lets hope we all get over this bug and can start to count down to Xmas and the arrival of some festive spririt!!

Best cough cough cough



  1. Pretty new projects! Oh, do feel better soon, being ill over the holiday is no fun at all!

  2. Oh there is no sickness allowed at this time of year. Shake it off so you can enjoy Xmas. I bet the opening of all those gifts will
    Take care and get well :)