Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Surprises from MR Postman!!!

Seasonal Swap Mini Quilt
I was thrilled today to receive a mini quilt from Sharon of Vrooman Quilts in Cheryll's seasonal mini quilt exchange.  Sharon has been a great "bloggy" friend since I started blogging and I always admire the work she does and the quilts she shows on her blogs. She is a very generous lady and always quick to offer encouragement so I was so pleased to now have one of her quilts.
I intend to have it on display in my sewing room all year round! It is a tiny pierced windmill design only 12 inches square so you can imagine how small the windmills are and it is so neat.

She also sent some fabulous fabric which has a map of the area in which she lives- this is so original and unique - I will have to see if I can get some made of North Yorkshire - I'm sure it would be a fun addition to send in swaps.
Another package which arrived unexpectantly was from Cheryll at Stitchingcubbyhole.blogspot who organises all these wonderful swaps I have joined- she was so kind in sending me a couple of Australian patchwork and Stitching magazines which she knows I love. It was so thoughtful of her. So more new ideas !!!!

I also received another couple of Xmas postcards from the Tradingfabric postcard group on Yahoo which  I recently joined making 5 all together - but I expect another 9 yet! .  These are lovely  little  fabric art cards and will make a great display this Xmas.

 I have also stitched out 4 of the new free designs from BFC - they are lovely whimsical birds and I am going to make a small quilt for the day nursery where my daughter works for nap times.

The postman is being kept busy and is intrugued by some of the mail arriving  from abroad!!  I am so grateful to all these kind people in blog land.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Chain Reaction

I have been "playing " with my new machine and have completed two mini quilts for the two swaps I am involved in over at Cheryll's -  at Stitchingcubbyhole.blogspot.   But because it is Spring in Australia and my partner is in Europe like me - I have decided to make two mini quilts for my secret partner - one for spring and one for winter.  This is the winter one. 

And the Spring Mini .....

And my xmas XMASmini quilt just needs a border and binding

I have finished piercing my bali pop Irish Chain and I am  now appliquing the petals - it is not a good photo as the light is poor with the weather being so damp and foggy but I managed two flowers whilst watching Homeland last night! This is a pattern from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine which I love - and even though it works out expensive  there is always at least one pattern which I fall in love with !!

I also recieved the latest parcel in the Santa Sack swop from Melanie - the sack is really quite full now and its exciting waiting to open them at Xmas!! Cheryl is quite strict and makes us wait until just before Xmas to open them!!!

Lots of interesting ideas as usual from reading blogs but must stick to finishing off the UFO's hidden in my cupboard (!!) and but also start my embroidered xmas cards which I always make for family and special friends.  

My postcards are all completed for the XMas Swop so must post them to ensure they get to all their destinations overseas.  I have also signed up for the Birthday card swop which will be good to keep going with throughout the year.  

So hoping everyone is safe after Hurricane Sandy