Sunday, 7 October 2012

Black and White!!!

I had a lovely package from Naomi in Australia today from the Black and White bag swop on Cheryll's   It is a large bag with lots of internal dividers and pockets which will make a great sewing tote. .... And a mug bag and scented sachets.  The mug bag is not something I have seen before but which I now want to find a pattern for as it will make a good Xmas gift to make for quilting friends to take their mugs to group get-togethers.

I am still having problems with my shoulders and I'm waiting for the results of some tests - so still limited to some hand sewing or machine embroidery.   I have made a knitting bag for a friend who admired the one I received recently in a swop and also started a Joseph's Coat quilt as it is ideal for doing by hand.

I' m looking forward to the trip to London to the Knitting and Stitching show on Friday- just need to make sure I don'T buy too much to carry back to the hotel!!!
 I have spent a lot of time reading blogs and that of course means lots of ideas!!!



  1. Hi Pauline,

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I'm glad your friend liked the bag I made for you. Looks like you replicated it very well. I love machine embroidery as well as sewing and have recently taken up crochet too. Hope you feel better soon.


  2. Lovely things - hope you feel better soon.

  3. Love the bag/s from Naomi... so pleased you played along with us! Keep a busy mind and when you are back to full mobility you go!
    Love all your work Pauline !

  4. Hiya Pauline, I'm glad you liked your bags...even the mug/camera bag (who knew I could make dual purpose bags lol). Sorry to hear your shoulders are giving you hassles, it's not pleasant when our 'craft' is hindered by our health is it? Hope you get good results from your tests and are back to 100% really soon.


    P.S. I finally remembered (I'm a shocker of late) to take pics of the gorgeous bag you made for me, and am just in the middle of writing my blog post about it...needed your blog addy to link to, or else it might have been a while before I noticed your post (please see earlier statement about me being a shocker of late!)