Saturday, 22 September 2012

Doctors Orders!!!

I have been suffering from severe pain in my shoulders and upper arms over the past month but had continued sewing particularly as I have not yet finished the  medallion quilt which is the commission I undertook for my Mum's friend Irene.  However, I have now been ORDERED to stop machining for the next 2 weeks and to do the shoulder exercises I have been given to stop the stiffness and pain getting any worse!

What will I do with my self?   I am wary of increasing the hand sewing as I am worried this will also exacerbate the problems SO .......  the only solution is to catch up with some painting for the next exhibition in October and perhaps read. I have a Kindle which I love and lots of books saved up so it may mean putting my feet up in the afternoons and reading some of them.  It also means I have an excuse for reading lots of blogs although I must not sign up for any projects Ha ha ! .

I am relived that the medallion quilt is almost finished - just the large outer borders to add - and Irene is really pleased with it so far  - so  hopefully I will manage to also get the two pillow shams completed before November which is when she is expecting it to be ready.

 I am lucky that I have completed all my  swap committments ( or else have them stored away ready for posting)  so I have decided that I must NOT start any more large quilts whilst  I have this problem  but to stick with small items over the next few months and in particular I have signed up for a couple of post card swops.   Making postcards was the way I got back into sewing a few years ago whilst still working- as they were small enough to make quickly and as they do not entail too much machining I think they may help me cope.  

My Sue Daley bed runner project is also finished and has been given to my friend as a surprise -so I may do some more EPP to keep me going while banned from the machine.  I have just seen the new Brother Series V and am in love ! !!  but cannot justify a new machine at the moment. That's the danger of spending too much time surfing on the web!   

DID make an Advent Calendar  on the machine this week ( it was quick and simple so I thought I could get away with doing it - until my husband heard the machine!!!) -  as it is for my son and girlfriend for their first Xmas in their new flat - and I  want to start buying little gifts for them so at least it is done and I can now shop for the small gifts to go in the pockets.
I have posted my "Black and White bag"   in Cheryl's swop to Naomi so I hope she likes it and it arrives quickly.

So there may not be much to post about until my arms are in better shape!


  1. Oh do take care Pauline, no fun having pain in your shoulders and I can see how the machine quilting kind of made the situation worse , one of the reasons I do very little machine quilting. Lovely projects , the quilt is gorgeous as is the bed runner and your advent calendar is super cute. Hugs Sheila

  2. Gosh I hope the pain eases up soon! It can be awful not being able to sew for a longer time if you don't rest up. The Advent calendar looks amazing! =D

  3. Oh Pauline... I do hope you get the aches and pains out of the body ASAP. Lovely lot of work you have there too! You are such a talented lady!!!! :)

  4. So many lovely things, Pauline. Please take care of yourself.
    Especially liked the Advent Calendar : )
    And part where hubby heard the sewing machine :D

  5. Beautiful projects Pauline! Now rest and get better!