Saturday, 22 September 2012

Doctors Orders!!!

I have been suffering from severe pain in my shoulders and upper arms over the past month but had continued sewing particularly as I have not yet finished the  medallion quilt which is the commission I undertook for my Mum's friend Irene.  However, I have now been ORDERED to stop machining for the next 2 weeks and to do the shoulder exercises I have been given to stop the stiffness and pain getting any worse!

What will I do with my self?   I am wary of increasing the hand sewing as I am worried this will also exacerbate the problems SO .......  the only solution is to catch up with some painting for the next exhibition in October and perhaps read. I have a Kindle which I love and lots of books saved up so it may mean putting my feet up in the afternoons and reading some of them.  It also means I have an excuse for reading lots of blogs although I must not sign up for any projects Ha ha ! .

I am relived that the medallion quilt is almost finished - just the large outer borders to add - and Irene is really pleased with it so far  - so  hopefully I will manage to also get the two pillow shams completed before November which is when she is expecting it to be ready.

 I am lucky that I have completed all my  swap committments ( or else have them stored away ready for posting)  so I have decided that I must NOT start any more large quilts whilst  I have this problem  but to stick with small items over the next few months and in particular I have signed up for a couple of post card swops.   Making postcards was the way I got back into sewing a few years ago whilst still working- as they were small enough to make quickly and as they do not entail too much machining I think they may help me cope.  

My Sue Daley bed runner project is also finished and has been given to my friend as a surprise -so I may do some more EPP to keep me going while banned from the machine.  I have just seen the new Brother Series V and am in love ! !!  but cannot justify a new machine at the moment. That's the danger of spending too much time surfing on the web!   

DID make an Advent Calendar  on the machine this week ( it was quick and simple so I thought I could get away with doing it - until my husband heard the machine!!!) -  as it is for my son and girlfriend for their first Xmas in their new flat - and I  want to start buying little gifts for them so at least it is done and I can now shop for the small gifts to go in the pockets.
I have posted my "Black and White bag"   in Cheryl's swop to Naomi so I hope she likes it and it arrives quickly.

So there may not be much to post about until my arms are in better shape!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dresden Challenge and lots of pics!

I have entered my Dresden Fan in the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Dresden Challenge so have a look at all the lovely quilts that have been entered.  Mine was made using  fabric I bought at the Scottish Quilt Show in Edinburgh in February from CraftsandQuilts of Southport.  I love their stall at the shows and they were at Harrogate last weekend and are now doing ready-cut binding and sashing packs.  These are a great idea and I bought some to use on the large embroidered quilt I am making at the moment- more of this later.

I love they way this has turned out using the EZ Dresden Ruler and I added a wavy border as a final finish.
This quilt is for a charity raffle later this year.  I  loved the colours and prints of the fabrics in the fabric roll I used. 

My other finish is my flannel Crochet Fusion Blanket which is double sided and will make a nice present for the next baby that comes along !   This will also be a good project to use up some of my Liberty Fabrics as you don't need very large pieces and I enjoy the crocheting whilst watching tv.

I have recieved another package from Melanie in the Santa Sack Swop - the xmas tag is just beatiful. So that is two more surprise parcels for my sack.

I have entered another of Cheryll's(Gone Stitchin) swops -this one is  a black and white bag.  I am posting only a sneak preview of the one I have finished for Naomi - it will be posted to her this weekend so I don't want to spoil it for her.

Ongoing projects now include a BaliPop 9 patch which I have just started and which I am planning on making quite large as I had two packs of Balipops and I have wanted to start this for a while. It is from an advert in an amercan magazine so I have made up the pattern as best I can- it will have plain blocks in between. It is a good project for taking to the Mowbray Quilters group.

My other big project is coming along quite well - the medallion embroidered quilt. The centre embroidered panel is done and I have started the candlewick blocks for the next round. At the moment it is manageable but it will cause a few headaches I'm sure as it will be 105" sqaure when it is finished. I am using the quilt as you go method to try and make it less stressful.

So lots of projects and pictures.                                         
Must paint some pictures now for my next exhibition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!