Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New I- Pad and some finishes

A New Toy !!!

Trying out the new I-Pad I bought last week - love it for viewing blogs, surfing the web and emails but not sure how easy it will be to post so here goes!!!! (can't work out how to add pics so have had to go back to the laptop! - has anyone else worked out how to do add photos to a blog post????)

I have  finished the top of the Hearts and Gizzards quilt but I am disappointed - I am not happy with the feel of it with using bondaweb to affix the hearts -it has made them very stiff so I'm putting it to one side for a while.  Its a shame as I was so keen on it and the pattern  has  lovely appliqued borders.

 I am now busy with a new Woven Squares quilt from Carolyn Foster's new book Utility Quilting. I'm using some chinzy floral fabrics for the quilt and have added wide borders to which I am appliquing my Liberty hexagons.  I love Carolyn's patterns and books and this latest one is great for large stitch hand quilting which can be done whilst watching TV or on holiday. I think this one may make a nice Charity quilt for my Mum to raffle.

 I have also finished three small textile pics from some photos of the Yorkshire Dales which I took last summer. I intend getting them framed for the next exhibition in Easingwold. 

And finally finished the nursery rhyme wall hanging for my daughter for her room at day care nursery where she works. I  used free redwork designs from Jennie Baer at Homeberries - she is very generous and has some lovely design for free on her site.

 I started the Blogger Block of the Month from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works   but need to catch up fast - I will post next time of how far I have got with them.!!  We are hoping to get away in the caravan to the coast at Whitby over the next few days IF the weather improves - how we can be experiencing a drought when it has been so wet and miserable I don't understand. !!! May have to do some of the blocks  by hand so that I keep up.

Also must post my package for my swap partner in the Quilters Day Swap organised by Heidi.

Bye for now


  1. Not sure of the products over there - but I alwas use the lite or ultra-lite in fuseable to cut down on the stiff feel. Just love your thread paintings - you were a very good student!

  2. Pauline,

    You do such BEAUTIFUL work!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to visit.

  3. Some great projects there =D

  4. So many BEAUTIFUL things in your post!
    I just got a Kindle Fire and I'm have a blast reading books, playing Angry Birds and Jewels :D